No “Ups”, No “Extra” Fees

When you work with DMP you will be amazed at all of the FREE services that are provided – we just don’t believe in “nickel and diming” our clients as other media and ad agencies do. Our goal is to get you on the air and start receiving phone calls as quickly and most cost efficiently as possible. Here are examples of FREE services that DMP provides:

  • Free Radio Commercial Script Writing
  • Free Radio Commercial Ad Production
  • Free Toll-Free Number Usage
  • Free Third Party Call Recording and Tracking Platform
  • Free Call Analytic Reports
  • Free, Initial Inbound Phone Rep Answering Script Analysis – This is essential to know how your people are answering and handling the calls on your campaign
  • Free After Hours Call Center Usage
  • Free Call Back and Transfer on Short Calls (Depends on Daily Call Volume and Weekly Budget)

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